About the Look: 70's Inspired

Can I just say how much I love this trend?

Although I myself wasn't alive during the 70's, I often hear my mother's stories and get lost in the nostalgia. I can tell she's thinking of a simpler time when the general feeling of life seemed to be easy-going. Sadly, time travel has yet to be invented and I will never know what that decade was like. What I love about fashion is that even though I can't go back, I can wear outfits reminiscent of that period and maybe even feel for a moment like I'm living the life a young and ambitious woman of the 70's. What I wanted to do with his outfit was create a look that was inspired by the era, but not a direct copy. I like the idea of bringing back the flared jeans, but I was able to put a twist on it by wearing mine in white. Of course I had to have some fringe in my outfit, and my purse was the perfect place for it to go. My vintage Chanel scarf was the icing on top of the cake for this look and really finished it off (it didn't hurt that the wind was blowing at just the right moment either).  Keep scrolling for more photos. How do you wear the 70's trend? Do you like it or are people "living in the past" by wearing it? Send me an email: bestfashionandstyle@gmail.com