It wasn't until I had to attempt to shove my umpteenth pair into my closet that I really had to sit down ask myself; is there such a thing as too many shoes?  If anyone were to have too many, it certainly would be me, right? From the dreams about shoes that I wanted to the closet, shoe rack, and shoe holder all bursting at the seams, it was fairly obvious. I was addicted to shoes.

Shortly after this conversation with friends, I realized, well, maybe I actually did have a lot of shoes. But still, I wanted more. The sudden call of the rainy season would mean I needed a cute pair of rain boots, right? Sure, in Texas it doesn't usually rain that much, but this season had been particularly dreary and, to be frank, I just couldn't help myself. Not long after that, I was informed that I would have to attend a black-tie event and although I was actually perfectly fine with wearing a dress I already had, the thought of scrounging up an old pair of shoes just didn't seem right. And thus, my collection again increased.

They say the first step to solving anything is admitting you have a problem. As I type this, it becomes evident that I will never be able to reach that first step. Mainly because, I believe I do not have a problem. 

It started out with a couple of friends making a casual observation. Sure, by comparison to their collection of three shoes, (dress, sport, and everyday; because apparently, that's "all you really need") my collection of over thirty did seem slightly excessive, but none of them had ever been into fashion. Therefore, it really didn't seem like fair comparison.

My Addiction to Shoes

When I was finally able to admit this, my first thought was, what do I do? I certainly wasn't going to get rid of my shoes. Each one meant something to me and they all were very important for different situations. I mean, what would I do if it were to suddenly rain and I didn't have my boots. Sure, I had lived without them up to this point, but I definitely couldn't live without them now that we had finally found each other. 

So the question remained. There was always the possibility that I could just stop buying shoes, but even the non-shoe enthusiast has to admit that they get worn-out over time, and its important to get new ones to keep a clean look. This was when I came to my final realization: I was addicted to shoes and that was okay. Everyone has their vices, and considering how dangerous, unhealthy, and immoral some of them are, being addicted to shoes really isn't that bad. Not only that, but I also have always been aware of my limits. If I'm trying to save up for something, I'll make sure I avoid "window shopping" to prevent accidental purchases. Plus, having always been a proud bargain shopper, I'll never go out of my way to buy Valentino Rock  Studs in every color (hence the knock-offs in the top photo) or any other shoe I know I don't need. In fact, over half, if not, more, of my shoe collection has come from Ross or T.J. Maxx. I can't ever even recall spending more $30 on a pair from those stores. Often they're a lot cheaper than that too.  So, yes, I might be addicted to shoes (I might be pretty proud of it too).