Thursday- On Thursday I wanted to wear something that would be suitable for walking around since we would be exploring a lot during the day. I wore this super cute embroidered top and one of my favorite pairs of jeans, along with my new favorite Karl Lagerfeld sandals and a classic vintage Coach bag.

What I Wore

Thursday evening- This evening was fashion week, so I took the opportunity to dress up in this gorgeous vintage dress (it used to belong to my mom!) and these stunning Reiss heels. Here I am with my mom on the right.

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Sunday- Sunday we were going to be driving back, so I knew I had to dress comfortable, but again, my look had to be chic! This top from Target’s WhoWhatWear collection was perfect. Don’t you just love the fun sleeves!

Friday- Friday was a much more casual day. I wanted to dress comfortable, but also nicely for summer, so I wore these pants from Eshakti and paired it with one of my favorite white blouses. 

Saturday- I knew Saturday was going to be warm and humid, so I wanted to wear something comfortable and breathable. This dress from H&M was the perfect option.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to document everything I ate, but I have all the pics of my favorites!  I hope these work as great recommendations for your next trip to Austin! Be sure to click on the links to see more about each restaurant. On Thursday night, before we viewed all the fashion shows at the JW Marriott, my mom and I decided to get a quick bite to eat at the restaurant/bar area downstairs, and it was delicious! We had a plate full of meat and cheese and a side of bread. All of it tasted wonderful and reminded me of meals on my trip to Paris, too! On Friday, we ate dinner at one of Austin’s famous restaurants, ThreadGill’s. For lunch on Saturday, we wanted to grab something we could eat quickly, so we just stopped by In-N-Out, and I was super excited because I had never been to one before! We have a few here in Dallas, but I just never had the chance to go before. Of course, I had to document my first time there.  And since you can’t go to Austin without getting Tex-Mex, we made sure to have a dinner at Serrano’s before we left. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Austin, and the Tacos definitely did not disappoint!

What I Did

On Thursday, we spent the morning and part of the afternoon exploring the UT campus and taking photos. I found a ton of cool murals and doors to take photos by! Thursday evening we spent at Austin Fashion week. I loved all the shows! Each designer had such a beautiful and unique collection, so nothing was like something else. I also stopped by some of the booths they had set up before the show and picked up these adorable fringe earrings from this company. Since Thursday was a late night, Friday was a much quieter day. We had a long breakfast and after working on my blog for a bit, we did some shopping near our hotel. I picked up this super cute blue and white striped skirt and a new market tote that I can’t wait to show off! On Saturday, we had another long breakfast and then were quick to hit the shops after a lunch at In-N-Out. I picked up a super cool book from one of Austin’s Half-price book stores. It was a collaboration between Nordstrom and Ruben Toledo and is full of gorgeous fashion illustrations! We also walked around the domain a bit, where I got this photo in front of the “Fashion Week All Year” sign. I also picked up a few more unique pieces that I can’t wait to share. Before we left on Sunday, we of course, visited a few more stores before driving back. 

Austin May 2017

What I Ate