7. Marble Journal, shop here

It looks chic and stylish and is sure to impress your classmates (plus it's on sale!)

Now that you've seen all the back-to-school must-haves, be sure to check out my fall fashion must-haves!

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  With summer coming to a close and the temperatures staring to lower, its time to start thinking about what most students admittedly fear: going back to school. 

  But fear no more! I've put together my top back-to-school must-haves that are perfect for brightening up the class days ahead- or even adding a little fun to your office at work! Really, these products are great for anyone who just needs to add a little more joy to their everyday work life- whatever it may be.  

1. Kate Spade "Put in a good word" mini notebook, shop here

For size reasons, this notebook isn't the most practical for taking notes in class, but its perfect for jotting down ideas and the little phrase written on the cover is great to keep you inspired through the whole year.

Bonus: Eiffel Tower Scissors, shop here

Although definitely not a must-have, these scissors are cute to store in a pencil case or display on a desk. 

4. Macaroon Erasers, shop here

These are perfect to erase any mistakes you might make with your compliment pencils. Plus, they smell like vanilla!​​

10. Gel Pens, shop similar styles here 

​Gel pens are just an all-over fun supply to keep in your pencil case. Make sure you're checking out the dollar bin at your local store to grab a pack for a cheap price too!

Back to School/Work must-haves 2016

3. ban.do compliment pencils, shop here

With all the stress and anxiety we get from work and school, its nice to have something to remind us to stay positive- and these pencils with sweet phrases do just that. 

9. Statement spiral journal

I picked mine up from T.J. Maxx, but I've linked some adorable ones from Target here, here, and here.

6. Macaroon Key chain, shop styles here and here

Because if you're going to have a cute pencil case you should have a cute key chain to put on it. 

8. Gold composition journal, shop similar options here and here

Some teachers can be super strict about the type of journal you have for that class. For those that require a composition, or for anyone who just wants one, these options are super cute!

2. Kate Spade "Birch Way" concealed spiral notebook, shop here

This adorable notebook has 112 lined pages and the cutest owls on the cover. Its obvious why you need it this semester. 

5. "Think Happy Thoughts" pencil case, shop similar options from Nordstrom, Poshmark, or ban.do 

The beginning of the year could always use a little reminder to "think happy thoughts". I picked up this cute pencil case from T.J.Maxx a couple weeks ago,  but if you can't find anything like it at your local store, I've linked some adorable options that are perfect to hold your most important supplies.