About the Look: Bluebonnets and Blue Bags

This look was a combination of a lot of different things that surprisingly worked very well together. I always love a vintage piece and these sunglasses perfectly filled that spot, while my hat from Paris was just the icing on top of the cake for this look. When it came down the actual clothes, I became a little more nervous. I love wearing my maxi dress because it's lightweight and super stylish- perfect for Texas heat! The challenge here was the shirt tied at my waist. I loved the look on other people, but I was worried it would look like a weird lump on me. But after these photos were taken, I realized it actually looked super chic. Just another reminder to always take fashion risks! Lastly, the accessories. For a while I was told that you should always match your bag to your shoes. Then I was later told you should never match you bag to your shoes- it was too old fashioned! I personally think it depends on the outfit. because I was wearing all neutrals from head to toe, the pop of blue on my purse and my sandals was unexpected and oh-so-chic. Opinions on this look?

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