Choker Necklace DIY

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The 90's are back! Everything from Clueless style plaid skirts and chunky heels are trendy again -including choker necklaces! I've been seeing a lot of different styles around lately but the thing that shocked me the most about the trend is the price tag! I knew I could easily make a cute DIY one for less than ten bucks! I have two different styles here, one is slightly more difficult than the other, but both turn out super cute in the end! It all just depends on the look you're going for!


​For Simple Choker Necklace:

1. Follow steps 1-4 from the instructions above. 

2. Set the bow aside and pick up the ribbon. Take a piece of duct tape about an inch long and cut it in half. Wrap each piece on each end of the ribbon. 

3. Poke a hook through each end of the ribbon through the duct tape (if you'd like you can use a safety pin to poke through the duct tape first to make a more precise hole).

4. Attach a clasp to one hook and close both. Add more hooks if desired. 

5. Hot glue the bow to the center of the ribbon.

6. Your easy choker DIY is done! Work it!


For Choker Necklace With Charm:

-black ribbon- I used one with a satin texture but one with a velvet texture would look really cool too!

-gold or silver beads

-gold or silver charm

-hook and clasp (you can buy these in sets from any craft store)

-jewelry pliers

-hammer and nail

-thick cardboard

-hot glue gun


For Simple Choker Necklace:

-black ribbon

-gold or silver beads

-hook and clasp

-jewelry pliers

-duct tape

​-hot glue gun



For Choker Necklace With Charm

1. Wrap the ribbon loosely around your neck to measure how tight you want your choker to be. Cut to your desired length. It's okay if it turns out a little too short because we will be adding a hook and clasp later.

2. Cut another piece of ribbon at about the same size.

3. Tie the second ribbon into a bow to be attached later.

4. Slide one of your beads onto each end of the bow and then tie a knot so that the beads do not fall off. Trim any fraying ends below the knot.

5. Set the bow aside and pick up the other piece of ribbon. Cut two small pieces of ribbon about and inch long. Put hot glue on each piece and wrap it around the ends of each side of the ribbon. 

6. Making sure that there is cardboard over your work surface (to avoid any damage when working with the hammer), place the nail in the center of the ribbon you wrapped over the ends. 

7. Begin hammering through so that you have a hole in each end of the ribbon. You have to use a hammer and a nail because the hot glue is so thick and because if you're using satin ribbon like I did, the material will easy fray and fall apart if you try just poking a hole straight through the material.

8. Picking up the bow again, cut another 1 inch piece of ribbon and glue it around the center of the bow, just as you did to the ribbon in steps 5-6. 

9. Repeat step 7 to the center of the bow so that you have a hole here too. 

10. Using the jewelry pliers, open up a small metal hook and slide it through the hole in the bow. 

11. Attach your charm to the hook and close it with the jewelry pliers. 

12. Setting the bow aside and picking up the ribbon, slide a hook through each hole in the ends of the ribbon and attach a clasp to one end with the pliers. If you'd like to lengthen your necklace, you can add more hooks to the side without the clasp. 

13. Hot glue the bow to the middle of the ribbon. 

14. You're done! Go show off your cute choker! Keep reading if you'd like to see an easier version of this DIY.