Finished! Be sure to tag me in your pictures if you try this DIY! It was super easy and fun to do!

DIY Purse Strap

Step 3. 

Begin sewing OR gluing the ribbons together on both sides.


-A purse with a removable cross-body strap

-Purse strap hooks

-Two kinds of sturdy ribbon or trim (I picked up an embroidery style and a velvet style from Jo-Ann Fabric's so that my strap would be double sided

-Sewing Machine OR Hot Glue

Step 1. 

​Pin the two ribbons together with WRONG sides facing each other

Step 4.

After figuring out the ideal length for your strap, (I just eyeballed this part) slide the ribbon through the purse hook and sew it down. Trim the excess.

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As soon as I saw this camera purse from Charming Charlie, I knew I had to have it. I absolutely love the unique design, but the one thing I wasn't a fan of was the chain strap. I decided that the easiest solution would be to make my own! Read on to see how.