Step 2 

Begin painting the sunglasses. You will probably need to do several coats depending on the nail polish brand and color you use.

Step 1

Tape the areas around the Sunglasses that you don't want to be painted. If smudges do occur, they can be taken off with a little nail polish remover on a q-tip.

These sunglasses are super easy to make and a must-have for summer! I chose to paint mine white, but you could go with any color you like! Make sure to tag me in any of your photos if you decided to make a pair.

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Step 4 

Pick out the flowers you would like to use and make sure there are two of each. Arrange them before gluing.

Step 5 

Glue the flowers onto the sunglasses. Be careful not to chip any of the paint.


-Simple black sunglasses (I got a pair for $3 at Walmart)

-Nail Polish color of your choice

-Mini Fabric flowers (found in the fabric section of Walmart)


-Glue Gun

The pair above is a separate pair I made for my mom because she loved mine so much!

Step 3 

Once you have finished painting the sunglasses, remove the tape. Finish with any touch-ups and let dry completely.


Enjoy your beautiful new sunglasses all summer long!

Floral Sunglasses DIY