-Any DIY-able clutch (Make sure you can use Mod Podge on the fabric. Avoid leather and suede fabrics as they can be easily damaged and hard to repair.)

-Mod Podge

-A small paintbrush

-Glitter (I used two different colors but depending on how you want the clutch to look, you can use any number you'd like. Let your creativity flow!)

-Newspaper/Cardboard (dependent upon material of clutch)

I recently found this adorable clutch at Michaels; however, I noticed there was something missing: glitter! So, I took matters into my own hands and decided to make a fun and easy little DIY while I was at it. Although my DIY worked well because of what the clutch says, you can use this technique to glitter any purse of your choosing. The end result created a slightly ombré effect that is perfect to kick off the season and add flair to any look.

Glitter Clutch DIY

1. Depending on the material of the clutch, there is a possibility the Mod Podge could leak through the fabric. To prevent the clutch from sticking to itself, place a few pieces of newspaper or a single piece of cardboard on the inside and leave there until completely dry.

2. Using the paintbrush, cover approximately half the area you would like to be glittered with Mod Podge.

3. Cover that area generously with glitter, letting a small amount go past the area you have not yet Mod Podged.

4. Continue to Glitter and Mod Podge, varying between the different colors of glitter you chose. (If you would like the ombré effect, make sure the glitter is not layered on as heavy on top as it is on bottom. For a single line of glitter, use painters tape to avoid getting glitter on unwanted parts of the clutch.)

​5. When you achieve the look you were hoping for, seal all the glitter in place with one last layer of Mod Podge.

6. Let dry.

7. Work it!