Try a light weight fabric

This spaghetti strap dress is made in a super soft and light cotton, making it the perfect summer LBD. I added this green wrap for a little color, but this dress looks great on its own, and keeps me cool, too!

How to Wear Black in the Summer

Try a pop of color

I love wearing these black pants because of how soft, yet flattering they are. I paired them with this pink peplum top to bring some color and life into the look.

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Although I love color, especially in the summertime, it's still nice to be able to go back into your closet and find a simple black piece that you can pair with anything. But how do you wear black without your entire look being too dark or overheating? I've created a super simple guide for this problem and have included a ton of sample outfits for inspiration!

Stick with one black piece

By just wearing one black piece in your look, it makes it a lot easier to pull the color off in hot weather. I paired mine with patterned bottoms, but both are more muted colors, perfect if you're not quite ready to adventure into bright colors yet.

Try a patterned piece

This dress is super light, so it's already great for Summer, but the cute floral pattern makes it perfect. Fun patterns on a darker piece can help bring anything into the current season.