New York and Connecticut 2017

What I Wore, Where I went, and What I Ate

What I Did

One of my favorites parts about this trip was that we never had a bad meal. I'm not sure I could easily pick a favorite, but the Cuban restaurant in the New York and the lobster roll in Maine are both in the top 5. I also really loved the French lunch I had at Columbus circle. The view of the city was amazing! We also made frequent stops at Starbucks throughout the trip and, of course, we celebrated national ice cream day in NYC

What I Wore

What I Ate

Although the weather in New York and Connecticut was much milder compared to summer in Texas, it was still pretty hot most of our trip. I wanted to be stylish and comfortable, so I mainly stuck to dresses and skirts. Scroll to see my looks!

My favorite things that I did while in New York and Connecticut was probably the art museums! The Yale university art museum had some more unique pieces in their collection, as well as some more well known pieces by Monet and Van Gogh. The Met also had some amazing pieces, including an exhibit featuring Comme de Garcons. The MoMA was also a favorite, with some of my favorites from Monet. Of course, we also did lots of exploring, shopping and adventuring throughout the city. 

And you can click here for the video on what I bought!

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