Personally, I've always loved the way a novelty bag can instantly change an outfit. Everyone loves them and even more with them appearing in practically every store this Spring. The first novelty bag I ever got, a Betsey Johnson Ice Cream clutch, I was stopped multiple times in the mall- and that was only the first time I wore it! Here I've compiled my newest novelty bag additions as well as some old favorites and links to shop the same or similar bags. Let me know your favorite novelty bag emailing me at or messaging me on Instagram @BestStyleAndFashion. Enjoy!

Betsey Johnson Ice Cream Clutch

If you can't tell already, Betsey Johnson makes some of the cutest novelty bags out there! This was my first novelty bag and definitely my favorite. You can find a similar one that she just came out with on her website, here.

Betsey Johnson Baseball Purse

‚ÄčThis is one of the cutest little bags for those summer night games and it easily fits all my necessities. You can find a baseball coin purse here

Lily Bloom Bumble Bee Bag

Lastly, I wanted to show the perfect purse for spring! I can't go over how cute it is! You can find it here.

Novelty Bag Collection

The Typewriter Bag 

This one is definitely a statement that's sure to turn heads! I love that its not over the top either, though. You can find this must-have here.

Jump From Paper 

Cartoon Purse

This bag is so fun! And yes, it is a real bag and it actually fits a surprising amount of things inside of it. Unfortunately, they no longer make this particular bag, but you can check out the Jump From Paper website to see all of the cool new pieces from their latest collection! 

Betsey Johnson Radio Purse

I'm not sure if the best part of this purse is the fact that it looks like real radio or if its that the speakers actually connect to your phone to play music! Unfortunately this another one they no longer make and  I couldn't find one that plays music, but you can find another cute radio purse here

The New Additions

These are the newest novelty bags I've gotten for this Spring. Most are still available, but I have links to similar products for ones that aren't.

Charming Charlie Elephant Purse

After I saw this Loewe bag, I knew I wanted to add it to my collection, but I decided that $1200 was just too much and didn't make the purchase. Recently, I saw this bag on Instagram and ran over to my local Charming Charlie to pick it up. This was only a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, its already sold out. Luckily, I found a very similar one here

The Classics

These are bags that I've had for a year or more and will always be in my collection!

The Apple and Lemon Clutches

I soon as I ran into these at T.J.Maxx, I had to have them! And at only $8, how could I say no? If you can't find them at your local store, try a similar lemon clutch here and a similar apple clutch here.