Spring Favorites: Trends and Looks

Off the Shoulder

This trend became super popular this season. It was seen on not only numerous bloggers but many celebrities too! And it makes sense- this is the perfect look because everyone can pull it off and it's just so pretty! You can show a little bit of skin but still keep your look modest if you want. Definitely my favorite trend of the season.


This simple garment is an absolute must-have for spring and summer! In so many pretty patterns and colors, you can get any look from girly to sporty. Every fashion aficionado needs at least 3 pairs of a different style.

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There have been so many beautiful and fun trends this spring, and now that it seems summer is on the horizon, I thought I'd share my favorite trends and looks from this season that can easily work for summer too! Scroll down to see some looks and outfit inspo! Don't forget to email me at bestfashionandstyle@gmail.com


Of course, I've always loved sunglasses, but this season I've started to realize how much they can make an outfit! They are the perfect accessory to top off your look and in the bright Texas sun, it's a necessity. They don't have to be designer to be chic either. Any pair can change up your look beautifully.

Sun Dresses 

This classic style of dress is beautiful to welcome in the warm weather and the rebirth that spring gives us. The best part- you can find these at almost any store. And with so many different styles and silhouettes, there is sure to be something out there for any taste.

Hand-made and Vintage Looks

Although online shopping is great for getting the hottest new pieces, shopping vintage and hand-made is the best way to have the most unique looks out there. Truly beautiful items can be forgotten because they're considered "old", but nothing is better than having something completely original. These looks are a little harder to shop, but they are definitely worth it. Here I have some photos of items I've picked up from festivals, vintage hunting, and more!