Contour brush available here.

Milani Matte Lipstick, $4.72

What are your favorite summer makeup looks? 

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Elf Contour Palette, $6 and Contour Brush, $6

Revlon Matte Lipcolor, $7.97

Shown here in shades Claws Up, Mint, and Sky. Shop here.

  I have always loved the way a bright lip color can look playful for warmer weather, and recently, I was looking for that perfect shade when I found a coupon for Revlon and decided to try this new product. the formula isn't completely matte if you just leave it on to dry, but by blotting it with a tissue, you can get that perfect matte look. I love wearing this shade with a fun pair of sunnies and I keep looking for outfits to match it because its just so pretty! I love it with a lacy dress or some floral accessories. I also love that there are a variety of shades in this collection for many different styles. 

I first purchased one of Milani's matte lipsticks last fall when I wanted a more dramatic lip color and I loved it. The matte texture was a perfect twist on the classic red. The formula wasn't over-drying and was so easy to apply. 

Later, I purchased a lighter shade (the one shown here) to go with my dress for Austin Fashion Week and it looked so beautiful. The color perfectly brought out the pink in my dress without overpowering my look. Any of the lighter shades are perfect for a summer date night with a breezy maxi dress or other choice. 

  I'm not sure if its the fun plastic ring or the bright colors that makes me love this collection, but either way I plan on getting all the shades. Everything about the color range screams summer to me (can't wait to get my hands on the soft pink and white shade) and the ring makes me nostalgic, thinking of youth and more relaxing days. But hey- isn't that what summer's all about?

  The formula is pretty good and seems to last slightly longer than an average nail polish, but I still recommend a top coat to finish the looks. I would pair these with a pretty sundress and some strappy sandals for the perfect young and care-free look. Definitely a must buy for summer.

Contour Palette found here.

  Recently, I started playing around with makeup more and trying out much bolder looks than I ever would have gone with before. Not only did I become more involved in the trends and discover what kind of makeup I like (blush and highlighter are my absolute favorite part of doing my makeup), but I also realized how fun it can be to incorporate your makeup into your outfit.

  Even though I would never call myself a "beauty guru" I certainly do know a little about getting a good deal and maybe just a little about fashion. so, here I've listed some of my favorite inexpensive beauty buys for summer and how to incorporate them into your summer looks. I chose to link most of these products from Walmart because that seemed to be where the best deal was, but these products can usually be picked up from any drugstore. Enjoy! 

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Makeup for Summer

  This was also another product that I wore during Austin Fashion week and  I think it really helped to pull my look together. Starting off with the brush, it was both soft and easy to use. It managed to pick up a decent amount of product and helped blend it in to create a seamless look. I used it mainly for the contour though as a smaller brush would work better for the highlight. For anyone who is a beginner in contouring and makeup in general (like myself) the powder makes it easy for the product to be built up and the shade range in the palette also provides coverage for most skin tones and can even be mixed for the right color. The highlights worked pretty well, but I would recommend an illuminating concealer to get an even brighter look. Overall I had so much fun using these products. They go perfectly with a fun and trendy look for a night out. 

  With new beauty gurus and makeup trends popping up online everywhere from Instagram to Youtube, it seems everyone is starting to enjoy makeup more- myself included.

  Although I had always loved getting dressed up from a young age, the makeup and hair had always seemed more of a side effect of getting "dolled up" rather than anything really important to your look. 

  But with contouring videos showing up on my news feed just as often as any classic #ootd, I decided it was time for me to discover more about the sudden new found obsession with makeup everyone seemed to be having.

Milani Powder Blush, $7.32

  I'll admit, the main attraction when I initially purchased this was definitely the packaging. The beautiful rose stamped into the blush was just too pretty to resist. After trying it on though, I realized it was one of my most favorite blushes I had ever used. it gives you just the right pinkish glow, which is so perfect for summer. I also love that it can make your look natural and be perfect for just heading to brunch or can be glammed up with the right highlighter. 

  For this product, I would recommend a more feminine or classic look. And, paired with the bright pink Revlon lip product above you can take that girly look to the next level.  I seriously love this blush and the color range available for summer.

Hard Candy Nail Polish, $4

Shop shade Tea Rose here.

I took the barcode sticker off this product not knowing that the color label was on it, so I'm not sure the exact shade, but I believe this is shade obsession. Shop here.

Shade Matte Darling available here.