About the look: Wearing Vintage

When my mom first approached me asking if I wanted any of her vintage clothes, my automatic answer was yes. I choose a lot of different tops and dresses and wore them all (especially the beautiful dresses) on multiple occasions.

Although I picked this blouse out because I thought it was so chic, I never actually wore it. It stayed in the back of my closet because I thought I had nothing to wear with it.

 Recently though, with a lot of the 90's trends coming back, I pulled it out of my closet and tried it on to see if it would work for that trend. I picked a theme for the look and ran with it (if you've seen this post, you know the importance of that). Of course, I love everything Parisian and let that influence my overall look, especially with the felt hat and oxfords (both picked up on my trip to Paris!). Mostly though, I wanted my look to be somewhat 90's, even though the vintage blouse was much older than that. I was worried that this look wouldn't work and I wouldn't be able to wear this top again. But really, I absolutely love it! 

My advice for anyone wanting to wear vintage (or anything, really) is to always take risks and trust your gut. This beautiful shirt sat in my closet for several years because I was too worried that it wouldn't look right. Think of all the chic outfits I could have worn in that time! How do you wear vintage? Did you like this look? E-mail me: Bestfashionandstyle@gmail.com