With all three looks, not only did I keep the same dress on, but I also wore the same sandals. Imagine what I could have done if I had changed my shoes too!
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About the Look: One Dress Worn So Many Different Ways

The last look (left) I wanted to be more "Spring in New York" but I also knew each of my outfits had at least some French influence. The Hermès scarf I wore was a great contrast with the black stripes. The elaborate pattern might have been too much on its own, but with the Kate Spade belt I had on my waist, the colors worked together perfectly.

The first look (above) I wanted to be very "Classic Summer on the Streets of Paris". The felt hat I picked up in Paris was an obvious choice to go with this look. I also knew that minimal jewelry was necessary to get the best look. Lastly, the handbag covered in flowers was perfect to communicate summer and happiness.

These three looks have got to be some of my favorites that I have ever put together. When I first bought this dress, I immediately realized how versatile it was and thought of all the different ways I could wear it. So, I decided to choose a theme for each look and see if I could prove not only how wearable this dress is, but how wearable all clothing can be. I also wanted to note how much fashion effects the person we are and I thought this experiment was a perfect example of that. When we get dressed each day, whether we realize it or not, we are always trying to communicate something. What you choose to communicate is entirely up to you. By picking a theme for each look I was simultaneously having fun with fashion and communicating something to each person who saw my look.

The second look (right) I made was inspired by the French country side and traditional styles mixed with a bit of vintage romance. I called it "Vintage French Country". By wearing the dress off the shoulder, I was able to achieve the romantic look I was going for. Of course for the vintage vibe, I had to wear my vintage Coach bag. The denim vest added just the right amount French country I was looking for.